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I Looking Nsa What to do if someone is unconscious

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What to do if someone is unconscious

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Even if they do not respond to you, they may still be able to hear what is going on. Lay the person flat on the floor and raise their feet about 12 inches 30 centimeters.

Learn first aid for someone who is unresponsive and breathing

The person choking should always be seen by a healthcare professional afterwards to check for any injuries or small pieces of the obstruction that remain. Fractures Wha can be difficult to tell if a person has a broken bone or a t, as opposed to a simple muscular injury. What are the complications of unconsciousness?

To reduce the chance of fainting again, don't get up too quickly. If an automated external defibrillator AED arrives switch it on and follow the instructions provided with it. Instead of tilting their neck, use the jaw thrust technique: place your hands on either side of their face and with your fingertips gently lift the jaw to open the airway, avoiding any movement of their neck.

If choking is mild: Encourage the soemone to cough to try to clear the blockage. Check the person's airway, breathing, and pulse frequently. If the person is breathing If the person is still conscious but seems dazed, ask them basic questions, such as what their name and birthday is or what the date is today.

The doctor will X-ray the chest and treat any fractures or broken ribs before the person leaves the hospital. Or the cause can be a serious disorder, often involving the heart.

Unresponsive and breathing

If they don't respond, pinch their earlobe or gently shake their shoulders. Chest compressions can still help circulate oxygen-rich to the body and brain. First Aid If someone is awake but less alert than usual, ask a few simple questions, such as: What is your name? Release the pressure without removing your hands from their chest. Kneel down next to them on the floor.

A person who received CPR while unconscious may have broken or fractured ribs from the chest compressions. Choking can also occur during unconsciousness.

Some s may suggest that a person is about to become unconscious, including: suddenly becoming unresponsive a blank or confused look on their face lightheadedness, dizziness, or trouble standing slurred or mumbled speech. If these s are not there, continue giving CPR until the emergency assistance arrives.

You might also want to:

Ask someone to call for medical help. Place the heel of one hand towards the end of their breastbone, in the centre of their chest.

If they still don't respond, then you can p they're unresponsive. Using the weight and force from your upper body, push straight down on their chest, compressing the chest at least 2 — 2. Adapted from the St John Ambulance leaflets: uncomscious breathing adult and unresponsive and undonscious breathing adult. Drowning If someone is in difficulty in water, don't enter the water unless it's safe to do so. Repeat this up to 5 times.

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Place the fingertips of your other hand on the point of the person's chin simeone lift the chin. If not, give up to 5 abdominal thrusts.

Get someone else to drive if possible so you can care for the casualty during the trip. Wrong answers or not being able to answer the question suggest a change in mental status.

Unconsciousness - first aid

Call or your local emergency. CPR involves giving someone a combination of chest compressions and rescue breaths to keep their heart and circulation going to try to save their life.

Protect their neck from large movements if it looks like they might have a spinal injury. See the section on bleeding on this.

Find out what to do if a baby under 1 year old is choking Mild choking If the airway is only partly blocked, the person will unconscios be able to speak, cry, cough or breathe. If you can't reach the mains supply: Do not go near or touch the person until you're sure whaat electrical supply has been switched off. Take their other arm and place it across their chest so the back of their hand is against their cheek nearest you, and hold it there.